Our Products: All-Natural. And All-Active.

We take great pride in offering products that are 100% active and 100% natural.  

What do we mean by that? Well, in most creams, the botanical ingredient is the main active ingredient - thats why companies will even use the words ‘shea’ or ‘argan’ in the product name. But then, when you look at the ingredient list, these botanicals are actually listed in the middle, with a ton of other non-active ingredients surrounding it.  

At Truth Art Beauty, we use only natural botanical ingredients.  So your product is not only natural, it’s also 100% active.  Each ingredient has a purpose: to protect and repair your skin naturally.  


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Acne Prone Skin and Face Oils


We know that some of you with acne prone skin are hesitant to you use face oils. But they really are great for oily/acne prone skin in a number of ways:

1) One of the causes of acne is when your skin produces too much oil. A lot of people with oily skin tend think they should use oil free moisturizers or harsh products that will strip their skin dry. The problem is that this actually can cause your skin to overcompensate by producing even more oil.  Nutritious face oils like Argan for example, are filled with squalene and fatty acids that are similar to the compounds in your skin’s sebum. Therefore when you put Argan on your skin, it actually has an inhibitory effect on sebum production and helps regulate sebum production and re-balance your skin to a healthy state.  

2) We also offer Rosehip seed oil, which is unique in that it contains a natural source of tretinoin, which is the active ingredient in Retin A.  So what this does is basically increase the rate of turnover in cells so that cells are shed before pores can get clogged.  

3) Some oils like Argan and Pomegranate have also been shown to have natural antiseptic (anti bacterial) properties. 

4) Healing Effects: Many oils like Pumpkin, Argan, etc, are also high in Vitamin E , which has healing and soothing properties and has been shown to reduce redness and help reduce the appearance of scars. Rosehip also can help reduce the appearance of scarring through the tretinoin. 

So overall, face oils are great at both preventing acne as well as healing acne! Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our face oils: info@truthartbeauty.com

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Face Oils and Oily Skin


We sometimes get asked whether people with oily skin can use face oil. The answer? Absolutely! When you strip your skin dry, it can actually overcompensate by producing even more oil.  The best way to control oily skin is to keep it healthy and balanced.  That means you shouldn’t skimp on the moisturizing.  Argan oil is a great choice for oily skin because it is super light and actually helps regulate the sebum production in your skin.  

Your skin also changes based on the weather, season, time of month, etc.  Here’s how Jennifer, our marketing guru who has extremely oily skin, uses her face oil:

"During the summer I really don’t use anything during the day.  Just sunscreen.  At night, I still want the benefits of a nutrient rich serum, so I use Argan oil before going to bed.  Now that it’s fall, I’ve switched it up a bit.  During the day, I apply a few drops of Argan oil after cleansing.  I really do think it helps balance my skin and I also like the way it makes my makeup go on more evenly.  At night, I use a blend with the Argan base and the Texture and Refining Boost, which has Pumpkin and Tamanu.  It’s still a light blend and I really don’t need more than a few drops.  

Ever since I’ve been using face oils, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin.  Before I discovered face oils, I used harsh toners and cleansers and my skin would still break out.  But now my skin feels so much healthier and I don’t breakout as much. I am a total face oil convert!”

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We’re on Birchbox!


We are so excited to be in September’s Birchbox.  For those of you who don’t know, Birchbox is a company that delivers beauty samples to you each month. We partnered with them to create an exclusive Birchbox Blend Face Nourish for their September box.  It’s filled with some of our favorite ingredients, including Red Raspberry Seed oil, Argan oil, Rosehip Seed oil and Pumpkin Seed oil.  You can find the Birchbox blend and our Coconut Body Buff on the Birchbox website.  

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Face Oils and Exfoliants - A Partnership


Facial oils, especially lighter ones like Argan and Red Raspberry seed oil, help regulate the skin’s natural sebum production by facilitating the flow of sebum so it does not pool and harden in the pores.  However, you can’t forget the importance of incorporating exfoliation into your skincare regimen a few times a week.  Without exfoliating, the layer of dead skin cells builds up and absorbs the plant-based oils.  As a result, you are softening the dead skin layer and not allowing the nutrients and antioxidants in your product to absorb and do their work in the living skin cells.  

We recommend light physical exfoliants (versus synthetic chemical exfoliants) such as seeds and crushed minerals.  Additionally, we are a fan of the new sonic brushes.  Just be aware of not over-doing it.  Women with more delicate skin should use the brush for shorter amounts of time and less frequently.        

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