Well and Good Holiday Gift Guide


An excellent healthy gift guide from WellandGoodnyc. And we just happen to be in it! Some of our favorite picks:

- Priti nail polishes

- Bambu mini coconut bowls

- Farm to table food and wine class

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Versatility of Face Oils


As you are probably aware, here at Truth Art Beauty, we are huge fans of oils. Both are Face Nourish and Body Salve are oil-based.  The great thing about oils is that they are a way of delivering active botanical ingredients without any of the harsh chemical preservatives that are required in water-based products.  In prior posts, we’ve also talked about how oils are actually good for oily skin! 

But one of the great aspects of using oils is that they are so incredibly versatile. In fact, with our multi-purpose Face Nourish, we think you’ll be able to eliminate several other products from your routine: 

Serum / Treatment - One of the things we’ve always been confused about is how/when to use a serum.  Fortunately, our Face Nourish combines the properties of a moisturizer and serum treatment in one jar.  Our Face Nourish has an even higher level botanical actives than a traditional serum but is gentle and hydrating enough to be used as a daily moisturizer.  You really get the benefits of both in one product. 

Primer - The Face Nourish is a wonderful, soft base for concealer and foundation. It’ll help prevent dry patches and creases.  We’ve heard from many women who’ve said they no longer have need for a primer, now that they’re using Face Nourish in the morning. 

Stay tuned for future posts with more tips on how you can use our products!

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Ingredient Spotlight: Grapeseed Oil


If you’ve been to a farmers market recently, you may have noticed that grape season is in full force.  Turns out that grapes aren’t just good for eating (and drinking!) - they also make an amazing skin care ingredient, which is why we’re featuring Grapeseed oil in our new Fall Harvest Body Salve blend.

Grapeseed has a number of properties that are beneficial for your skin. It’s an emollient, which means that it locks in moisture, keeping your skin soft and smooth, but it’s also extremely light, making it a great choice for dry or oily skin. Grapeseed is extremely high in antioxidants and is also rich in the fatty acids that are essential for your promoting good skin health, including linoleic and oleic acids.

As always, we’ve chosen a Grapeseed oil that’s organic and cold-pressed, so that it contains the maximum concentration of nutrients. You can find our limited edition Fall Harvest blend here until the end of grape season! 

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Bridesmaids Gifts


We’ve noticed that a lot of brides have been creating custom blends as bridesmaids gifts! We think it’s a great idea. You can either choose flavors that reflect the theme of the wedding or you can create a unique blend for each bridesmaid that reflects her own tastes.  If you need help choosing blends, please email us at info@truthartbeauty.com and we’ll share some ideas with you.  And brides - remember to treat yourselves as well - there’s nothing more important than pampering yourself before your big day!   

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Face Oils and Oily Skin


We sometimes get asked whether people with oily skin can use face oil. The answer? Absolutely! When you strip your skin dry, it can actually overcompensate by producing even more oil.  The best way to control oily skin is to keep it healthy and balanced.  That means you shouldn’t skimp on the moisturizing.  Argan oil is a great choice for oily skin because it is super light and actually helps regulate the sebum production in your skin.  

Your skin also changes based on the weather, season, time of month, etc.  Here’s how Jennifer, our marketing guru who has extremely oily skin, uses her face oil:

"During the summer I really don’t use anything during the day.  Just sunscreen.  At night, I still want the benefits of a nutrient rich serum, so I use Argan oil before going to bed.  Now that it’s fall, I’ve switched it up a bit.  During the day, I apply a few drops of Argan oil after cleansing.  I really do think it helps balance my skin and I also like the way it makes my makeup go on more evenly.  At night, I use a blend with the Argan base and the Texture and Refining Boost, which has Pumpkin and Tamanu.  It’s still a light blend and I really don’t need more than a few drops.  

Ever since I’ve been using face oils, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin.  Before I discovered face oils, I used harsh toners and cleansers and my skin would still break out.  But now my skin feels so much healthier and I don’t breakout as much. I am a total face oil convert!”

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Antioxidants 101


Since the word “antioxidant” is thrown around all the time, we thought it would be a good idea to take the time to explain what the term really means!

An antioxidant is a molecule capable of inhibiting the oxidation of other molecules in the body which ultimately leads to the protection and repair of cells.  Antioxidants are arguably one of the most important active ingredients in your skincare. 

Free radicals (or oxidants) are byproducts of cells that react with oxygen through normal physiological processes or environmental exposure and are unstable because they have lost an electron.  Electrons naturally come in pairs and an ‘unpaired’ electron creates instability.  The atom seeks stability by stealing an electron from another molecule which creates a chain reaction of oxidative stress that can result in cell death.

Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by donating an electron to the free radical, thus stabilizing the radical (repair) and preventing further chain reaction (protect).  Your body naturally produces antioxidants but as you age or are exposed to environmental stress, the natural control of free radicals can become imbalanced.  That is why it’s important to make sure you eat foods and use skincare rich in antioxidants to replenish your body inside and out!

A few of our most antioxidant-rich ingredients include Red Raspberry seed oil and Pomegranate seed oil.  

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What to Expect From Truly Natural Skin Care Products


What to Expect from Truly Natural Skin Care Products

Though a lot of companies claim to have all-natural products, the term is often used too loosely.  While ingredients in these products may have started out natural or were naturally derived, they have undergone so much refining and processing that they no longer retain their original character.  For example, the cold-pressed shea butter we use as a base for our Eye Balm has a distinctive nutty aroma and a naturally beige color.  However, most companies use harsh synthetic chemicals to bleach the butter unnaturally white and filter the odor.  Unfortunately, trace amounts of the toxins and detergents are left in the butter and eventually applied to your skin even though the shea ingredient is still technically considered ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. 

We never chemically refine our natural ingredients.  For this reason, you will notice that the consistency, smell and texture may be different from what you are accustomed to from other mass-market products.


Oils naturally come in many colors from light yellow Borage oil to deep brown Pumpkin Seed.  The color of your Facial Nourish or Body Salve will depend on the oils you choose to incorporate in your blend. 


We don’t use chemicals to mask the natural aroma of our ingredients.  We encourage you to enjoy the natural nutty aromas of many of our oils as well as the spicy and sweet scents of our essential oils.


You many notice that our products are not perfectly “whipped” and this is because we try to process the ingredients as little as possible.  For example, shea butter will retain some of its natural graininess in our eye balm. 

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Say No to Junk Skincare.

One of the most important aspects of our products is that we do not use any inactive fillers like water or synthetic toxins. If you ever look at the ingredient list of most of your skincare products, you’ll notice that the first ingredient is water. Why? Because water is a cheap filler ingredient.  The majority of skincare companies use water as the main ingredient, and then add in synthetic chemicals as an anti microbial (since water breeds bacteria) and just a trace amount of the active ingredient, which is typically a botanical. All those “shea” lotions you have or “pomegranate” moisturizers, contain just tiny amounts of the ingredient that is being featured.

Not at Truth Art Beauty. We use only active, cold-pressed botanical ingredients. With no water, no synthetic chemicals, and no preservatives. Not using fillers is not only healthier, it also results in a HIGHER PERFORMANCE product because you are getting the pure active botanical. When you are at the grocery store, do you prefer reaching for the fresh produce, or the canned vegetables that are filled with preservatives? The fresh produce is not only healthier, it typically retains more of its vitamins and beneficial content. We think you should hold your skincare to the same standards.

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