Yoga and Your Skin


Did you know that yoga is great for your skin? Our new blog post here!

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


We didn’t make it this year, but we were lucky enough to attend years ago, when it was first in NYC, and had a great evening celebrating with the Angels. 

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Well and Good Holiday Gift Guide


An excellent healthy gift guide from WellandGoodnyc. And we just happen to be in it! Some of our favorite picks:

- Priti nail polishes

- Bambu mini coconut bowls

- Farm to table food and wine class

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Weekend Bag


We’ve been looking for a great weekend bag for a while and finally found one yesterday at the opening of the Ernest Alexander boutique on Clinton St.  Although geared towards men, we think this bag would look great on anyone! 

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Vintage Celine


Heading to three events tonight, which means it’s time to pull out the vintage Celine, circa 2000.  The ultimate classic shoulder bag: Black structured leather. Gold hardware. One strap. Totally perfect. 

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Versatility of Face Oils


As you are probably aware, here at Truth Art Beauty, we are huge fans of oils. Both are Face Nourish and Body Salve are oil-based.  The great thing about oils is that they are a way of delivering active botanical ingredients without any of the harsh chemical preservatives that are required in water-based products.  In prior posts, we’ve also talked about how oils are actually good for oily skin! 

But one of the great aspects of using oils is that they are so incredibly versatile. In fact, with our multi-purpose Face Nourish, we think you’ll be able to eliminate several other products from your routine: 

Serum / Treatment - One of the things we’ve always been confused about is how/when to use a serum.  Fortunately, our Face Nourish combines the properties of a moisturizer and serum treatment in one jar.  Our Face Nourish has an even higher level botanical actives than a traditional serum but is gentle and hydrating enough to be used as a daily moisturizer.  You really get the benefits of both in one product. 

Primer - The Face Nourish is a wonderful, soft base for concealer and foundation. It’ll help prevent dry patches and creases.  We’ve heard from many women who’ve said they no longer have need for a primer, now that they’re using Face Nourish in the morning. 

Stay tuned for future posts with more tips on how you can use our products!

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Truth Art Beauty in The Daily Obsession

Check us out in today’s The Daily Obsession!


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On Our Wishlist


This Hermes lacquer tray in eggplant is making us swoon…

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